Do you remember the last time you did a good deed? We might find ourselves believing it takes a grand gesture to truly make a difference in the world or in the world of someone we care about, and maybe it has been a while since we feel like we’ve made that kind of an impact. This train of thought means we can fail to see how tiny, everyday marks we leave on those around us can be truly significant.

Another myth about good deeds is that they require the sacrifice of money or a great deal of time. On the contrary, there are many free and uncomplicated acts of kindness we can practice on a regular basis and in a short period of time. Incorporate some of the following ideas into your weekly to-do and you might be visited by a deep satisfaction, in return.

1. Call up your grandmother

The wiser generations who have lived before us are existing in the same technological boom as we are, but this might mean they do not feel the same connection to us via Facebook as we do with others in our lives. Pick up the phone, the pen (yes, snail mail!) or hop in the car to visit a family member whose company you haven’t shared in a while. It will mean more to them than you know.

2. Check in with the new parents in your life

Social media likes and well-wishes are one thing, but it does not compare to the support needed by parents whose family has just grown. Check in with your buddy who just had a baby and ask what kind of support he or she would find helpful. Maybe it’s folding laundry while they nurse or babysitting for a half hour while they shower—your offer will likely be wildly appreciated.

3. Walk your dog for charity

So, your New Year’s resolution to walk every day is still holding strong (good job!), but you are also looking for a way to give back. When you download the Walk for a Dog mobile app you can track your mileage and choose your favorite animal charity. Donated funds are then divvied up according to how many walkers selected each charity.

4. Make a double batch of your favorite meal or baked good to give away

We all know someone in our lives who could use some surprise TLC in the form of free food. Coworkers returning from vacation, friends settling in after a move, a neighbor who is adjusting to cooking for one—there are always people around us who appreciate our thoughts and would likely appreciate sharing in our mad culinary skills, too.

5. Offer to help with a loved one’s chores

That nice neighbor with physical limitations might welcome assistance with raking leaves or taking excess paper and plastic to a recycling center. Or, a parent might be able to use your organizational skills when tackling some overlooked boxes in the attic. There even might be a friend of yours who could use a hand with painting and some pleasant conversation. Sometimes, people don’t feel comfortable asking for help, so why not be the first to offer it?

6. Donate your old phones to help victims of domestic violence

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence accepts donations of phones and other electronic devices to help with their mission of supporting survivors. Donated materials are collected by Cellular Recycler and a portion of the funds from selling the refurbished electronics goes to NCADV. This deed also helps keep old phones out of landfills.

7. Write a thank you card

Get out an actual, physical, paper card and a real-life pen and write a letter expressing your gratitude to someone special in your life. We tend to resort to handwritten cards after specific celebrations, so the surprise of receiving one out of the blue can be very heartwarming for the recipient.

8. Clean up after litterbugs

On your evening walk, bring a plastic bag (and some gloves, perhaps) with you to pick up trash or recyclables along the way. You might be surprised how much litter is around us that we don’t always see. You will be taking care of your local ecosystem and neighborhood with this tweak to your usual routine.

Source:      By: Katei Medlock