You’re in pain…

It’s time to make a change!

Reach your potential with quality chiropractic care.

Imagine being out of pain and back to your normal activities. We believe that you can get out of pain without drugs or surgery. At the San Francisco Spine Pain Relief Center, our mission is to help you achieve your health goals efficiently.

We use the newest technology like Cold Laser Treatments, Rapid Release Technology, and Active Release Techniques to address soft tissue injuries in addition to Diversified Chiropractic Adjustments to get you in perfect alignment.

We create custom rehabilitation programs for each patient using Exercise Pro software. Every patient gets the added bonus of being put on an intersegmental traction table to relax and have their back stretched after an adjustment so you hold your alignment longer.

It’s time to choose a smarter way to achieve your health goals and we’re here to help you reach your potential.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Specific adjustments to your affected area using Diversified Technique, Drop Table and deep soft tissue work.

Cold Laser

The cold laser is a revolutionary way to painlessly treat acute and chronic pain conditions. It can penetrate tissues up to 2” and acts to increase circulation, promote faster healing, and reduce or eliminate pain. It is F.D.A. approved for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, knee pain, and many other conditions.

Myofascial Release
Deep tissue work that reduces muscle spasms, decreases scar tissue, and dissipates adhesions formed between muscle groups and fascia. This enables you to move more freely, and increase your range of motion.
Infrared Therapy
Reduces muscle spasms and increases circulation.
Intersegmental Traction
Table provides a long slow stretching of the spine and relaxation of the musculature.
Rapid Release Technology
Rapid Release Technology vibrates at a frequency that resonates with scar tissue to break it down. This frequency also quickly releases muscle spasms.
Custom Rehab Exercises
We use Exercise Pro™ to design a custom rehabilitation program specifically for you.

“5 stars really isn’t enough…”

Christopher D. – Yelp Review

Our 5 stars on Yelp and exemplary reviews clearly speak for our quality of care and dedication to true recovery.

Lonna and her entire team are sensational. She has her practice down to a science and I cannot even begin to tell you how many people she helps on a daily basis who love her and her team.