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At 70+ years, Douglas stays in top condition with Chiropractic care.

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Chiropractic Research – Low Back Pain

“Patients with chronic low-back pain treated by chiropractors showed greater improvement and satisfaction at one month than patients treated by family physicians. Satisfaction scores were higher for chiropractic patients. A higher proportion of chiropractic patients (56 percent vs. 13 percent) reported that their low-back pain was better or much better, whereas nearly one-third of medical […]

Inflammation: The Slow Silent Killer

Inflammation is an essential function of your body’s immune response, but even a little too much inflammation can cause you health problems. You don’t have to have pain or swelling in your body to have too much inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s response to injury and stress, hurdles many of us deal with on a […]

How many vertebrae make up your spine?

                                         24 There are 7 vertebrae in the cervical/neck region, 12 vertebrae in the thoracic/mid back region, and 5 in the lumbar/low back region.

3 Tests Tell You How Long You Will Live

Most people have a desire to live life to the fullest with a combination of quantity and quality. There are many parameters that may determine how long you live, however, this short article presents the findings of five researchers who identified three simple tests you can do at home to measure your ability to increase years […]

Every Step Counts (So Start Counting)

It’s easy to be fooled by the sheer volume of fitness advice circulating in Internet chat rooms, infomercials and the like. What works and what doesn’t? While we’ve discussed some of the tried-and-true principles previously, there’s no challenging the simple fact that more steps – in any direction and at any pace – count. After […]