Baseball Mary is now pain free after successful chiropractic treatment.

At 70+ years, Douglas stays in top condition with Chiropractic care.

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6 Low-Impact Exercises That Are Easy On the Joints

While our bodies are tough, they need to be treated with care at the same time. Running and plyometrics are great ways to build endurance and burn calories, but it’s also important to give the body a break. When you’re injured or dealing with certain ailments, it’s imperative that you treat your body well with […]

How to Communicate Better & Foster Deeper Relationships

Most of the richest, most cherished moments in life are found in relationships with other people. To  nurture these relationships and create new ones, we need to understand our emotions and  lead with the heart when communicating. Heart Qualities Nurture Relationships The qualities that nurture long-lasting relationships with marriage partners, family and friends are the […]

How many NFL teams utilize Chiropractors in caring for their team members?

Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs) are utilized by all 32 National Football League teams in optimizing the functionality, endurance and overall conditioning of professional football players in the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal strain injuries, including neck pain, low back pain, strains to hamstrings and quadriceps, and whiplash injuries.

The Real Reason Your Neck and Upper Back Hurt

If you are alive, you have probably experienced neck and upper back pain at some point in your life. For many it is a chronic issue that causes daily discomfort and has serious long term consequences. The irony of back pain is that it is usually not caused by your back at all but by […]