Some have called it an epidemic and with the growing number of people who are being diagnosed it can definitely be considered one. We are talking about diabetes, a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose levels that result from defects in the body’s ability to produce and/or use insulin. Lifestyle changes can help relieve many of the harsh symptoms of this disease but when someone has not been taking care of themselves, they can encounter serious complications. Here are some of the complications that can become life-threatening, according to the American Diabetes Association:

  • Eye Complications: People with diabetes are at risk for developing glaucoma, cataracts and other eye problems make sure you get regular checkups to ensure your vision is doing well.
  • Foot Complications: Neuropathy (which can cause numbness in the feet) as well as other complications can arise from diabetes.
  • Skin Complications: Stay alert for symptoms of skin infections and other skin disorders common in people with diabetes.
  • High Blood Pressure (Hypertension): High blood pressure—also called hypertension—raises your risk for heart attack, stroke, eye problems, and kidney disease.
  • Hearing Loss: Diabetes and hearing loss are two of America’s most widespread health concerns.

Diabetes is a serious health problem and you should consult your doctor if you have suspicious symptoms that can indicate one of the problems above. Maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right in order to ensure you are in danger of getting diabetes.