5 star review on Yelp

The best chiropractor around. So incredibly knowledgeable and really just the friendliest staff. I always feel at home when I come in for my appointments as well. They keep everything very organized and have some cool services as well!

Sammy E.


5 star review on Yelp

Still feeling great thanks Dr Denny!
After really helping me with some more serious issues, I always appreciate going in to keep my back and shoulders feeling good. Especially lower back and hip. I run a lot and SF Spine Relief has really kept me going.

Selena M H.


5 star review on Yelp


I have been a user of Chiropractic services for 30 years and have had a few different Chiropractor’s during that time.  I LOVE Dr. Pooja Manchanda, D.C., at S.F. Spine Pain Relief Center.  I’ve been seeing her for 2-3 months now.  Her adjustments DO keep my very picky back in alignment and her bedside manner is unsurpassed.  She REALLY cares about the overall health and well being of her patients.  The location of the office is very convenient for folks downtown and those like me who come from other parts of SF.  They validate parking!!!!!  Cuts that fee in half. I invite you to experience Dr. Manchanda’s technique.  You and your body will be very happy!

Kathryn A.


5 star review on Yelp


Dr. Denny has been great getting my back stabilized. I have 4 herniated discs and scoliosis. Back recovery is a long process; however, the treatment has allowed me to become much more aware of my body and more importantly I have much better posture.

Michel K.


5 star review on Yelp


This place is awesome. Everyone is super knowledgeable and friendly but will definitely tell you exactly what your body needs and help you get there. 10/10 recommend.

Kieran H.


5 star review on Yelp


I spent a decade with a very sharp pain coming from my neck going towards my right shoulder. I spent money and time looking for someone to help me. I tried everything! From Physical therapy, acupuncture, cortisone shots, other chiropractors. My experience was always the same – lots of treatment, but no relief. I am an artist, so it was hard for me to work as an artist while being in pain. I was getting very frustrated. Luckily for me, I stumbled upon Dr. Denny.  She figured out quick what was wrong with me. Scar tissue had accumulated in the muscles around my neck/shoulder – and this was the cause of the pain. She spent some time using her thumbs to break down the scar tissue, and the pain went away!!! It was a life-changing experience for me. I had lost all trust on chiropractors, but Dr. Denny brought the faith back!  I go to visit her every two weeks, for adjustment and little pampering. Sometimes, due to my busy work life, my neck and shoulder would be more sore than usual, and if this is the case, she would change her treatment to target the problem. I have not had a chronic neck/shoulder pain ever since.
I always recommend her services to everyone who asks me about a good chiro, Dr. Denny is the best one I know.

Dilcia G.


5 star review on Yelp


Great staff! I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Denny, I had met her at a time when I was doing lots of sitting for work. I already had issues with my spine naturally curving to one side and after a series of treatment my upper back started getting better! When your spine is in good alignment, your body feels a lot better. Thanks Dr. Denny!

Diane P.


5 star review on Yelp


Dr. Lonna Denny has made a difference in my life in two major ways.  One as my chiropractor through the last few years of a very difficult job, and two, as the person who referred me to a Naturopathic Doctor who greatly improved my health.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Denny in both respects.

I have some scoliosis, and at least two back injuries, sustained long before I began to see Dr. Denny for pain in my back, neck and knees.  My sedentary job with many ergonomic challenges was a constant irritant, and after going through some months of chiropractic therapy, I happily transferred to a maintenance program where I saw Dr. Denny every other week for the rest of my working life.  Her advanced studies in arm and leg conditions helped me immeasurably, particularly with “patella alta” in my knees.  Gone are the neck brace I used to have to wear for a few weeks every year, and the knee brace.

Dr. Denny was always happy to explain what she was doing and what she hoped to accomplish.  If issues arose outside of her area, she has a network of other professionals that she called upon to get involved.  Such was the case with my health issues.

Now that I am retired and able to spend time doing yoga, qigong and tai chi, not sedentary, I haven’t felt the need to return to chiropractic.  I truly believe that without Dr. Denny’s help, I would not be in nearly as good a place today as I am.

Dr. Denny’s staff is fantastic, and the one time that I saw Dr. Drwencke in Dr. Denny’s absence, the treatment was seamless and consistent with the treatment I have received there.  I can’t recommend them more highly.

Pops A.


5 star review on Yelp


My fiancé and I have been seeing Dr. Denny since May 2015. As a preschool teacher, I’m bending and lifting on a daily basis and need regular adjustments to help my neck and mid back.  My fiancé was a doorman for 12+ years and has a herniated disc in his lower back.  With the help of Dr. Denny and regular visits, he has been feeling next to little or no pain in his lower back-if ever. Dr. Denny is always happy to talk if you have extra concerns or questions. She always has a calm and soothing voice and touch which helps relax you and give you the most effective adjustments. we always feel better after our adjustments. When we walk out of the office, we always have a smile on our face, and we feel taller. Dr. Krystal Drwencke is also fantastic and gives great adjustments, as well. I’d happily recommend anyone to this chiropractic office.

Rocky B.


5 star review on Yelp


Dr. Denny is the crown jewel of chiropractors! Professional, caring, efficient, and always makes you feel at ease. She tells you what’s happening every step of the way and is results-focused — highly recommended for spine or back pain! The staff at the front desk are super friendly, too.


Minnia F.


5 star review on Yelp


Mobility is everything and so I’m happy happy! Dr. Denny came to a health fair at my office and to be honest I was skeptical after many bad experiences with chiropractors but I still made my first appointment. I could tell from the moment I arrived that this place was different. Professional, organized, modern facility. Dr. Denny conducted a thorough consultation and asked so many great questions. I was advised to secure additional tests and imagery to ensure that Dr could help me. This just shows her integrity. She so won’t just jump into adjustments to make a buck. She’s honest, committed and really seems to value protecting her name and business reputation.

My weekly treatments have helped me have more pain-free mornings than I have had in a year. I’m walking taller and feeling more mobile.

Yes, they give you welcome goodies, have a comfy waiting area, so text alerts but above all this Dr. cares and gets results. Make your appointment today!!

Mysings A.


5 star review on Yelp


Best Chiropractic Session Ever! I was visiting SF for a week and had been traveling via Car and Plane for the last few days, due to previous back issues and the physical stress I put my body through, my back tightens up when I sit for long period of time. Came in for a quick adjustment to get me tuned up. What I received was the most comprehensive evaluation of my body ever. I’ve been visiting a chiropractor or physical therapist for the last 7 years and this was the first time someone let me know all the true causes of my problems. I’ll definitely spot by to pay these ahhhmazing ladies a visit next time I’m in town. Thanks again

Carlos D.


5 star review on Yelp


Dr Denny has adjusted me properly since 2005.  She does it right and gets me back to full functionality every time.

Chris G.


5 star review on Yelp


I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Denny and this office. I went there b/c I was having back issues from lifting heavy items, mainly and she fixed me – I am no longer in pain and this was only after 8 sessions. She doesn’t try to sell you on the “you need help forever” – so nice! Also, the practice  takes health insurance, which is a rarity among chiropractors and especially important, if like me, you are already paying a lot for insurance.  Plus, the front desk staff really knows insurance and will explain this to you. I really can’t imagine going anywhere else.

MissyE X.


5 star review on Yelp


I love this place. I have been seen by both Doctors, though Dr. Denny is my main practitioner. They have fixed many problems for me since I’ve been going- mainly sciatica, a fall that affected my shoulder and hip, and a calf injury.  Dr. Denny treats many athletes, and understands the physical toll sports can take on your body, and the best ways to stay healthy so you can run another day! All this in a very soothing and relaxing space. What more can I say that everyone is very professional, warm and welcoming.

Selena M H.


5 star review on Yelp


Highly recommend Dr. Denny and her team.  I was referred here after getting into a fender bender last year and needless to say, I am still a client of her and I still see her regularly.

I mainly see Dr. Denny for adjustments to my lower back due to all the sitting that I do for work and school.  Over the years my lower back seem to get worse and worse but after a year of regular visits, I definitely feel 100x better.

Go see Dr. Denny.  Its soooo worth it.

Sandie L.