More often than not, when Steve comes into our office he has spent his weekend participating in some event to make a difference in people’s lives or in his community. Rock on Steve! What do you have to tell us?

1. What is your favorite charity project?

I would have to say the Tootsie Roll Drive For People with Intellectual Disabilities. We obtain tootsie rolls for cost and give them away for free accepting any and all donations that folks’ want to give. It makes people happy, who doesn’t like getting free candy? I enjoy the social interaction and conversation starter that handing out free stuff promotes. It gives me a chance to open a conversation with people about the cause. All the money that we receive is then given to a local charity, which provides religious education for people with Intellectual Disabilities. Talk about a win/win

2. What has been your most successful event so far?

Tough question, every event to me is a great success. I think that anytime you give of your “Time, Talent, and Treasures” you have been successful. In my case I most often “help out” in my local Church Parish, whether it is BBQ-ing for the Youth Group, Donating food to St Vincent DePaul for the homeless, or providing flowers to all of the mothers in the parish for Mothers Day, it tells those that you are helping “I’m thinking of you”. That to me is success, letting people know you care enough about them to help them.

3. Any funny / unexpected incidents happen at one of your events?

We do a lot of BBQ-ing, usually with Mesquite. On one such occasion myself and my good buddy Jim were handling the cooking duties, Jim had on a golf shirt with an open neck and one of the coals popped from the fire and landed down the front of his shirt. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking “that must have hurt” but the chicken dance he did trying to get it out of his shirt was the funniest thing you ever saw.