“Someday is not on the calendar.” Traumatic life events often offer new perspective on what truly matters… and what is simply irrelevant or insignificant. It is an acute reminder of both life’s fragility and unpredictability and a “note to self” that while our dreams have no expiry date, our physical time on this earth does.

Why wait for “someday” to pursue what really matters. The time to make time for the people, causes, or work you truly care about is always now.

Here are 6 of my favorite ways to live fully:

1) Put your true desire(s) at the top of your To-Do list.
Your desires are yours for a reason, and are often (if not always) part of your purpose here. And remember, the journey should be as much fun as the destination.

2) Decide what’s most important to you and take action NOW.
Don’t wait for next month, next year or the next decade. Even small steps can lead to big changes… make a move toward greatness.

3) Schedule time for your dreams.
Book a date or set a deadline (even a tentative one) to meet your goal or promise. The universe loves commitment; it implies that you are serious about taking action and then the universe will conspire to support you.

4) Notice synchronicity and act on opportunities.
Once you move toward what you love and “follow your bliss”, as Joseph Campbell said, “doors will open to you where you didn’t know they were going to be.” Check out what’s behind those doors!

5) Show up.
Be there for the people, projects and passions that count. Action begets action; and that requires “showing up” to do the work. If you want to publish a book, you must show up at your desk and write; if you want to be an entrepreneur, you must show up and run your business; if you want to have more love you must show up and give more love.

6) Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow.

My crazy goals and wildest dreams have become a reality because I never forget “someday is not on the calendar.”
Source: care2.com