We’ve all experienced the Monday blues at some point. Especially with the fun weekend trips of summer, those of us who have to go in to the office on Monday dread it like nothing else. But it doesn’t have to be so. Try these seven tips and tricks to make sure your Mondays are no longer a knot of dread in your stomach.

Spend Sunday outdoors. Get a lot of exercise. Get a lot of natural light. Live your life. If you really take advantage of your weekends, Mondays will become much less dreadful. Don’t just lie around and watch television — that’s what sick days are for, not Sundays. Reclaim your weekend from the throes of laziness and go on an adventure!

Don’t procrastinate. Doing last minute procrastination work late Sunday evening can make you dread the count-down to Monday even more. Get everything set up sooner rather than later. Procrastination is what makes Mondays so unbearable for most of us. The level of stress we flood our limbs with is highly unnecessary. Organize your life early on in the weekend and everything will go a lot more smoothly when the work week arrives.

Write everything down. Monday morning can get frantic, especially if you’re trying to remember 22 different things while you’re trying to find your car keys. To avoid losing your head, keep a notepad on you and add tasks to it as they pop into your head throughout the weekend and the morning. This creates a little bit more organization so that your brain doesn’t get strung out at the very start of the week. There is only so much you can remember at one time.

Get some decent sleep. If you stay up until 2 A.M. watching car chases on Youtube on Sunday evening, you are obviously going to hate going to work on Monday morning. Save going down the Youtube rabbit hole for Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Sunday night is an important night to get some quality shut-eye.

Practice Monday meditation. Even if you don’t meditate regularly, try practicing some form of deep relaxation on Sunday evening or upon waking Monday morning. Mondays are inherently stressful, and a bit of practiced meditation or yoga can make a big difference between you going with the flow and you curling up into a ball under your desk.

Prepare breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Don’t let mundane meal-planning stress out your morning. Meals like overnight oats and chia pudding make great breakfasts that can be easily prepared ahead of time. You can even put together a salad or a tupperware of leftovers for lunch. Then, all you have to do come Monday is grab and go — one less hassle to mar your morning.

Plan a fun Monday night tradition. The reason most of us dread Mondays is that it is usually the dullest and most stressful day of the week. But, it doesn’t have to be. Plan a fun evening with friends, do your favorite workout, take a bubble bath with a good book.  Do whatever you enjoy most — things you would normally reserve for the weekend. Having something to look forward to can make any Monday a lot less treacherous.

Above all, listen to your gut. If you experience this blue, depressed feeling about going to work day after day, maybe it’s time to seek out other career opportunities.

Otherwise, don’t sweat the small stuff. Monday doesn’t have to be the monster of the workweek. Sure, it can be stressful sometimes, but it doesn’t always have to be. Being conscious and mindful can help to make the once dreaded Monday a relaxing, smooth transition from your awesome weekend.


Source: Care2.com   By: Jordyn Cormier