A recent study by the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society found that “the rate of global cognitive decline was reduced by an average of 70% in persons who were frequently socially active compared to persons who were infrequently socially active.”

This is good news for older people who are worried about their mental health as they age.

So, what leisure activities are good to do to avoid cognitive decline?

According to researchers, activities such as playing board games, reading, writing, painting, playing music, dancing, performing, watching TV and listening to the radio all can help.

In addition, other activities such as walking, fishing, running and gardening and even social activities such as visiting friends and relatives and traveling are also important.

Over the years, numerous other studies have shown that people who challenge their brains throughout their lifetimes — through reading, writing and playing games — are less likely to develop protein deposits in the brain linked with Alzheimer’s. They have also found that people who had been the most mentally active had lower levels of beta amyloid (the plaque build-up that plays a role in Alzheimer’s disease progression) than others who had been less mentally active.

For more information on what activities you can engage in to avoid cognitive decline, talk to your chiropractor.