A study in the March/April 2002 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics finds that more and more professional sports teams are utilizing chiropractic care for their team members.


For years athletes and athletic programs have made chiropractic care a regular part of their health care regimen. Joe Montana, Martina Navratilova and Charles Barkley are just a few of the professional athletes who have used chiropractic care during their careers. Chiropractors have been used by the U.S. Olympic Team since 1980. The Asian and Pan American Games have also used chiropractors in official capacities in recent years.
This survey study targeted the head athletic trainers of the 36 National Football League (NFL) teams. The trainers each had at least 17 years of experience and at least one year of experience as a head trainer.
Questionnaires the trainers answered revealed that:
·  45% of the trainers themselves had been to a chiropractor.
·  71% of the trainers had worked professionally with a chiropractor.
·  77% of the trainers have referred players to a chiropractor.
·  31% of NFL teams use an official team chiropractor.
·  100% of the trainers revealed that some players use a chiropractor without being referred by the team doctor.
·  81% of the trainers agree that there is a role for chiropractors in the NFL.
·  While 31% of the teams have a chiropractor officially on staff, an additional 12% of teams that do not have chiropractors on staff refer players to chiropractors.
Commentary: The stresses from all sports activity, not just professional sports, can cause spinal subluxations that need to be corrected by your chiropractor. It doesn’t matter if you are an eight year-old soccer player or a fifty-five year-old golfer. If you expose your body to more opportunity to develop spinal problems, whether from work, stress or play, you need to expose your body to more opportunity to be checked for subluxation and adjusted by your chiropractor.


Source: YourSpine.com