What is the smallest skeletal muscle in our body?

The stapedius is the smallest skeletal muscle in the human body. The stapedius dampens the vibrations of the stapes by pulling on the neck of that bone. This helps to control the amplitude of sound waves from the general external environment to the inner ear. This protects the inner ear from high noise levels, primarily […]

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How to Find Out If Your Doctor Takes Drug Company Money

The vast majority of physicians in the United States take gifts from the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to the Sunshine Act, you can find out exactly how much your physician (or any doctor) gets from which drug companies.

A long-time editor of a prestigious medical journal started his editorial on physicians’ conflicts of interest by describing a […]

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7 of the Healthiest Carbs You Can Eat

For a few decades now, carbohydrates have been considered by many to be the be-all-end-all of worst types of foods to eat. But, not so fast; carbs are an essential building block of a healthy diet. Sure, you can technically survive without carbs, because your body will use fat and protein for energy instead, but […]

8 Common Exercise Myths

There are so many mixed messages when it comes to the best and worst ways to work out. Similarly, there’s all sorts of misinformation about how the body burns fat and builds muscle. We’re cutting through the nonsense and exposing some of the most common exercise myths.

1. Not sweating? Then work harder!

The truth is, sweat […]

5 Commonly Misdiagnosed Conditions

The practice of medicine has been around for thousands of years, and there’s a good reason why they call it a practice: we are still working hard to get it right. Trained medical professionals use the tools at their disposal, along with intuition and sweat, to make their diagnoses. Given the complexities of the human […]

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5 Signs You’re Suffering from Desk-Caused Back Pain

A few years ago, a number of articles began circling the web claiming that “sitting is the smoking of our generation.” Reasons for this being: sitting forces fat-burning processes to drastically decline and is inherently a distinct lack of physical activity—two factors often tied to major illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Too much […]

How to Deal with Shorter Days

Once we officially transition into fall, we come face to face with the reality that our days are getting shorter. The sun is setting sooner and sooner, reminding us that darker days are coming—unless we take some action to brighten them up. We don’t have to fall victim to the winter blues and, instead, can […]

How to Decide if a Flu Shot is Right for You

October is the beginning of the flu season. Are you going to get a flu shot? This seems to become a more controversial question every year. Here are some considerations you can take into account to help make your decision.

What is the flu shot?

The flu shot is a vaccine intended to protect you against influenza […]

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Are You Maximizing Your Chiropractic Experience?

Back pain – the very words send a chill down your spine. Pun intended. The first thought many people have when they hear those words is, “chiropractor.” Maybe they have personally used chiropractic to recover from episodes of back pain or know of someone who has.
Chiropractic is a proven method of reducing the signs, symptoms […]

What are the benefits of cold laser therapy?

Decreased inflammation
Rapid cell growth which heals wounds more quickly
Reduced scar tissue formation
Stimulates nerve re-connection and function
Increased blood circulation
Decrease in bruising