What part of the body accounts for one quarter of our bones?

Our feet are home to more bones than any other part of your body. How many? Of the two hundred or so bones in the body, the feet contain a whopping 52 of them.

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True or False: A beer’s alcohol content has no effect on calories per serving

False: Alcohol contains about 7 calories per gram, so more alcohol means more calories. Alcohol has almost as many calories as fat (9 calories per gram) and almost double the caloric content of carbohydrates or protein (about 4 calories per gram). The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend reducing alcohol consumption if you’re trying to […]

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7 of the Healthiest Carbs You Can Eat

For a few decades now, carbohydrates have been considered by many to be the be-all-end-all of worst types of foods to eat. But, not so fast; carbs are an essential building block of a healthy diet. Sure, you can technically survive without carbs, because your body will use fat and protein for energy instead, but […]

What does your body and your car have in common?

Both your car and your body benefit greatly from regular maintenance care.

Oil changes, tire realignments, and check ups when you start to notice small problems with your car will keep it in the best condition and help it last longer.  The same thing goes with your body.  When you notice something is wrong, get it […]

How much weight does the average person gain between Thanksgiving and New Year’s?

The average person consumes an extra 600 calories a day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, packing on about six extra pounds by the time the ball drops.

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Does every joint in your body move?

No, the bones of the cranium do not move.

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What part of your body has the most bones?

The 54 bones in your hand, fingers, and wrist allows you to write a note, play a musical instrument, or use a smartphone.

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What is the shortest bone in the human body?

The stirrup-shaped Stapes in your middle ear is the shortest bone and measures only .11 inches

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How to Schedule a Mental Health Day

Be honest with yourself: could you use a day off? A day to decompress outside of the workplace so you can come back refreshed and ready to go? You are not alone. Research tells us that finances are the leading cause of stress in the U.S., the driving force behind our daily grind. It’s only […]

How are your teeth different than the other bones of the skeleton?

Teeth contain calcium & minerals like the the rest of the skeleton but they lack collagen, which gives bones flexibility & strength

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