Don’t put off exercising until you have more free time—that day may never come. You can incorporate exercise in your daily routine by simply exercising at your desk.

Instead of scrolling down your Facebook timeline whenever bored, do some exercises. If done consistently, desk exercises can actually build muscles and enhance weight loss. In fact, you can do them every day since they’re low impact.

Frankly, this is one effortless way to increase activity in your life. Just make sure you set reminders because it’s easy to get caught up and forget. Here are 5 exercises you can do on your desk.

1. Bicep curl

This is an isometric exercise for strengthening the arms. Use a sturdy table because this exercise isn’t doable on a light desk.

How to perform:

While sitting on your chair, place your palms on the bottom side of the table.

Keep your torso upright and try to lift the table by pushing it up with both arms.

Push hard and hold that position until your arms are exhausted. Release, rest and repeat several times.

2. Ab desk exercise

This is a great exercise you can do without anyone knowing. It activates lower abs and oblique muscles.

How to perform:

While sitting on the chair, place the right elbow on the desk. Then lift the right knee until it touches the bottom side of the desk.

Now push the elbow down, squeeze the ab muscles and hold that position for 30 seconds.

Switch to the left arm and leg then hold for the same duration.

3. Chair squats

The chair squats will activate your glutes and leg muscles. If you wear high heel shoes, take them off when doing this exercise.

How to perform:

Push your chair back to get enough space for squatting.

Stand a step away from the chair and place both hands behind your head.

Squat until your butt slightly rests on the chair, then rise to stand upright and repeat.

4. Triceps desk dips

Did you know that triceps make up two thirds of your upper arm? So you should train triceps more than biceps if you want to tone your arms fast.

How to perform:

Face away from the table and place both palms on the edge of the table.

Step forward and keep the knees bent. Then slowly bend the elbows and lower yourself until the elbows are at a 90 degree angle.

Slowly rise until the arms straighten and repeat. Doing the exercise on a chair is more challenging.

5. Calf raises

This exercise tones the calf muscles, and it requires balance, especially when doing the single leg calf raises.

How to perform:

Stand beside a table and place one arm on it for support.

Keep the legs straight and slowly lift the heels as high as possible. Hold for 3 seconds at the top then lower the heels and repeat.

Perform the exercise on one leg at a time to activate the calves more.

Source:     By:  Brian Syuki