You’re totally missing out if you don’t work out in the morning. Morning workouts keep you energetic throughout the day and help you make better diet choices. The good thing is you don’t have to change your schedule to become a morning trainer. Simply spare 10 minutes every morning to do the six exercises below. In fact, you can start this workout tomorrow since these exercises don’t require any equipment.
High knees

This is a great warmup exercise which burns lots of calories. Do high knees for 2 minutes.

How to perform: Stand upright and keep your feet a few inches apart.

Tighten the core then lift the right knee as high as possible. Lower the right knee and then lift the left one. Keep alternating legs after each rep. Remember to swing your arms every time you lift the knees.

Hand walkouts

This exercise targets all upper body muscles: arms, shoulder, chest and abs. Do as many reps as you can in one set.

How to perform: Stand upright and keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend and place both arms on the floor (as close to the feet as possible). Try to keep the legs straight. Make small strides forward with the arms until you get in push-up position. Pose for 2 seconds then walk back to the starting position and repeat.


Lunges are great for activating legs and butt muscles. Do one set of maximum reps.

How to perform: Stand upright and keep feet close together. Then lunge forward with one leg.Bend the front knee at 90 degrees while you simultaneously lower the rear knee until it almost touches the floor.Lunge back to the starting position to complete the rep, then alternate legs.

Elbow plank

Hold the plank as long as you can for one set. This exercise will activate your abdominal muscles.

How to perform: Lie on the floor face down. Place the elbows and forearms on the floor (palms facing forward). Make sure the elbow is directly below the shoulder. Tighten the core then lift the stomach, hips and legs off the floor. Keep the body in a straight line and hold that position as long as you can.

Glute bridges

Glute bridges will activate your lower back, hamstrings and glutes. Do one set of maximum reps.

How to perform: Lie on your back and then bend your knees at 90 degrees. Place both arms on the floor. Slowly lift the hips as high as possible. Then lower them to starting position and repeat.

Standing alternate toe touch

This dynamic stretch will loosen your lower back, hamstrings and calves. Do it for one minute.

How to perform: Assume a stance wider than shoulder-width. Keep the legs straight then bend forward and touch the left toes with the right arm. Lift the torso then bend and touch the right toes with the left arm. Keep alternating this movement for one minute.

Avoid taking long rests if you want to complete this workout in 10 minutes. Rest for 60-90 seconds.Try this workout tomorrow morning!

By: Brian Syuki

You can read a version of this article with video demos here.