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Patient Testimonials

I’m new to Dr. Denny’s practice but I must say that I am impressed already. I liked that she really spent some time examining me and going over her concerns and recommendations. Indeed, in the first session, I learned things about my back and shoulders I didn’t know.

Here’s the thing I really appreciated, though, a treatment plan!

I have had decent to good chiropractic care in the past and but I have always felt that I had a hard time getting a straight answer … as to why the treatment was what it was and what it was supposed to do. I feel like chiropractors who I have seen in the past, perhaps not intentionally, expect you to accept the inherent value of chiropractic care and not ask too many questions about where the process is going. I am sure chiropractic care has such value … but, as a patient, I like to talk to a doctor and not a guru. With Dr. Denny … you get medical care, answers, and a plan … that’s a refreshing change.

Also, I have to also say that Cory at the front desk is friendly, helpful, super competent, and seems to be in constant motion … as he calls insurance companies, gives out paperwork, answers the phone, places reminder calls, and greets patients. It’s a dizzying pace.


All in all, I would say, for someone whose never been to a chiropractor, this place is the best I’ve seen for a first-timer — you’ll feel very taken care of. ~ Noelle P.

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